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i FOUND IT!! thank you!!!!

No problem!! Happy to help [=

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Anonymous inquired:

No problem!! do you think you can post the link of the people who have ever scene of tw?

There are two that come to mind right away. They have a number of different scenes - they also do other things such as showing parallels and stuff like that. 

  1. teen-wolf
  2. giffingteenwolf

The second has the scene you were interested in here. Both have a nice TAG system so you should also be able to hunt around easily for other scenes you may want! 

Anonymous inquired:

in this post with season 4 Lydia's outfits do you have the full gif of Lydia and stiles running with the bat? Thank you!!

I haven’t GIF-ed the scene before in its entirety. It is something I can do if you’d like. I quickly found out people bang out every TW scene I love the night of the episode much quicker than I ever can so I tend not too.

Sorry for the late reply anon! College life caught up to me for a moment.

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Just a heads up that you wrote proster child instead of poster child which i'm assuming is what you meant in the malia edit you just posted xx

Ahahaha I am so not surprised >.< Thanks for letting me know!! [=

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allisxnsargent inquired:

Ughhhh your edits make me emotional. What are the font settings that you use, if you don't mind me asking? It's so clear and easy to read. I love it.

Thank you!!!! x1000 And I’m glad the font settings are good! I stumbled around trying different settings but in the end I wound up using a pretty simple set up. 

For text I use bold italic Arial at 11pt with 10pt vertical spacing. In addition, I have a 1pt “stroke” (aka the outlining of the letters) I mix up the stroke color depending on the color of the text - I typically make it a significantly darker variation of the text color, other times (when I’m feeling extra lazy) I leave all strokes dark gray.

Anonymous inquired:

Will you be doing a Deaton or a Stiles ones or even a parents one?

Most likely! I like all of them.